Taking a Chance – Outcrossing Burmese Cats.

Should anyone contemplate the undertaking of a Burmese Outcrossing program then read on to find out how such an endeavour might actually just play out. Any prospective American program will include finding a suitable American Burmese, developing a relationship with the owner, navigating a bureaucratic process that will test the most hardened importer, and setting up an Australian home. None of this happens overnight and it’s not a program for the uncommitted or for those with limited time or capital. The result however will be pleasantly satisfying and it is more than likely that you’ll end up with a productive and dependable breeding future.

First up, be very aware that there is no incentive and zero advantage for any breeder within the United States to sell to a breeder in Australia. The export requirements are some of the toughest of any country and the process will be case by case, long and drawn out. The administrative requirements are bewildering at best and require disciplined timing and sequencing to obtain the right contributions from the many stakeholders. If you can work past all of that you’ll need to find a kindred soul who just has a love for our affectionate and noble Burmese cats. Finding that one who is then willing to go those extra yards to overcome each and every import challenge will simply be a lottery. But if you can see past all of that the results to be achieved are totally worth it. You can bring diversity into your breeding program and you’ll just love the result.

Every project must have a plan. The Department of Agriculture’s animal import Website is the natural starting place, but you’ll certainly need a healthy dose of resourcefulness to bring your program home even after using that. From forms that do not function using some internet browsers, to undocumented or variable fees for Government approved vets and Official Government vets, veterinary health checks, the obligatory blood testing regimes (both general and rabies), the application for an export permit, quarantine accommodation, comfort stops, and IATA approved transport crates – the process quickly turns into a virtual minefield. Add to the mix the different time zones and one can easily imagine the perseverance required, the draw on one’s time, the lightness in one’s pockets, and the fingertip grip on one’s sanity. The export process is not for those that are faint of heart.

If you have a breeding program that finds mothers and kittens having trouble at birth or litters not meeting the normal development milestones, then a Burmese Outcross Program might just be for you. The experience explained here finds mothers having trouble free births, kittens strong and robust, total litters surviving to wean and no dull or poor doer’s anywhere in the lot. Noticeably, all kittens are alert and have met every development milestone to date. Try yourself and see if you can pick any differences between any normal Australian litter and two outcrossed litters as shown in photos provided below. The benefits from Outcrossing are there to be taken and can only be given two big thumbs up.