At Starkatz we recognise diversification as being paramount for our lovable Burmese breed. Accordingly, we have established a breeding program that focuses on desirable traits while uniquely introducing select blends of genetically proven outcrossed bloodlines to better support the Burmese breed now – as well as long into the future.

What to expect from our cats….. lively, well rounded, happy, and entirely working to become a best friend, from little souls that will be right by your side for the long haul.

The Burmese Condition
The term “Inbreeding Depression” generally means a reduction in viability, performance and longevity from within an available cat population pool (reduced genetic variation). Not only does this condition directly affect performance traits, but it means the presence of deleterious genes will exist within the population and an increased chance of particular genes being affected.

No defined limit will exist as to what level of inbreeding is present but the Burmese breed is known to have one of the lowest inbreeding coefficients and will therefore be highly susceptible.

Inbreeding depression will become more apparent once levels of inbreeding drop to below 10%.  A rule of thumb exists whereby a decrease of 2 – 20% in performance of trait will exist for every 10% of inbreeding coefficient. This means diversity must become a working strategy and not just a desire.  To read more ……..